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  • "Foothold is written by Pat Lennon and directed by Brian DeToma. This one is a pure comedy spurred on by the over-the-top farcical character Mary (Bonnie Rosenbaum) juxtaposed by the straight man character Thomas (Bill Warncke.) Mary is an eccentric, personable, and uninhibited receptionist in a podiatrist's office, while Thomas is a patient. Thomas arrives early for his appointment, and is entertained by Mary while they are waiting for the doctor to arrive. The hilarious back and forth between the two is brilliantly written and performed. Bonnie Rosenbaum and Bill Warncke have excellent stage chemistry, playing off each other in a convincing manner for this farcical one act." - Sean Fallon,

  • "[Rosenbaum] who's a cross between Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett." - Bruce Apar,

  • "A visit to the podiatrist proves to be a laugh riot eye opener for Thomas (Bill Warncke), in Pat Lennon’s Foothold. Directed by Brian DeToma, Bill finds himself under the care of Mary (the very funny Bonnie Rosenbaum), who takes a very different approach to health care." - Elizabeth Young, The Newtown Bee

  • "Survival Strategy by Donna Hoke, directed by Mark Hankla, is another piece with an off-kilter premise that works simply due to the commitment of its actors: Bonnie Rosenbaum as Jenny and Bill  Warncke as Jerry. The plot tiptoes around the seemingly salacious: inappropriate work relations, can people of the same sexual orientation be friends, spousal neglect. The bigger question is, why are we still writing plays about partners who don’t ask each other what they need, but then, there would be no conflict to act about. Instead, revel in the exuberance of Rosenbaum and the enthusiasm of Warncke as they work out the deal of their lives, and a bit with a chair that made me snort with glee." - Christine S. Bexley,

  • "New Clay was so very beautiful. The best and most courageous thing I've seen in quite a while. Actors were ambitious and courageous." - Alexis, New Clay Audience Member


  • "People say such hyperbole often, but I am not. Bonnie Rosenbaum and Bryan Morales McGrath were so intense, so passionate, so sharp, subtle, sexual tonight." - Rich, Playwright and Artistic Director of The American Poetry Theater


  • "As soon as Bonnie walked on stage, the play lit up! She was phenomenal!" - Ann, Last of the Red Hot Lovers Audience Member

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